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Thursday 6 August 2020


Joining Rejoice Relations has changed my views on dating. It is in my own time my own selection and meeting people intellectually on the same level.

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To whom it may concern, In regards to my previous dates, a and i have become good friends and we catch up at least one day a week shes heaps of fun to be with, we talk about anything,

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Hi, I would like to put my membership on hold for two months please.<name removed> and I as I stated on the phone have connected. Thank you for matching us.


I live in the inner city, my schedule it busy as I am self employed. I am seeking for casual fun in the mean time as I still seek that special someone in my life.

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Hi Ellie et al I just met <name removed> for the first time. MY GOODNESS!! What an absolute stunner. I doubt you can intro me to better. Gorgeous! JP

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