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Friday 30 July 2021

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Some handy information.

Proven Stats Rejoice Relations look more and beyond computers.
In Dating, statistics assist in Locations, age, etc. Search engines assist in lots of ways but nothing compares to when you meet someone in real life face to face.
Don’t be a statistic or number let us do the stats and Match you.
Online dating uses these tools that may not work in your favour. Can confuse the real beneficial way, what is right and wrong. All those confusing statistics still being tested, it can be manipulating depending from which way you look at it.
Online computer matching can narrow down your compatible matches as it is a search tool. To Technological for you to understand but for us we know where to direct the stats that work in your favour not just a number or another fish in the Big Sea. Like all stats may be suitable to some or not to all.
For EG If you have a basket of Real Dates, All are Compatible, All Agree, All MEET your % is higher no matter how small.
If you have Mass Matches and just waste your time viewing so many, you select her or him but she or he does not have interest in you. She or he selects you but you don’t like her him, your spending your time in the wrong place with the wrong people, your percentage % decreases. We can now see for humans Dating is Quality not Quantity.

Rejoice Relations Dating Agency Matchmakers
Profiles selected by you from pre matched profiles. The Matchmaker takes over from here. You select from pre matched Profiles then guide us in the direction of your selected type and what you find appealing.
Agency E.g.
100%   Pre Matched Carefully Selected
90%    Agree!!!
10%    not interested any response
Leaves you with Your Control and
Your conversion rate. 90% MEETING. High Success Rate.
You Can and are willing the other half agreed to MEET!!! The rest is up to you!
% High
Online E.g.
60% Not Suitable and not interested
30% No Meet Established
09% Chatted
01% Met
% Low
THAT’S very low % rate not in favour for your dating needs

Another e.g.
Rejoice Relations Agency Matchmaker
10 Matched
9   Agree
1   not suitable, they declined
You’re left with
9   MEETS! QUALITY not quantity
10 Matches
6   Not suitable, they declined or did not respond!
3   Established Chatting
1   Meet

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