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Friday 30 July 2021


Today's date with <name removed> was very unique as we had organised to meet at a cafe outside QVB, we actually first laid eyes in the elevator

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<name removed> didn't meet me again, I really liked her, left it up to her now. Don't really care if she doesn't organise anything another one more match when interested.


I met this morning with the gorgeous <name removed> for coffee. We had a quick chat and we will organise a dinner catch up next week pending on one another’s schedules.

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To whom it may concern, In regards to my previous dates, a and i have become good friends and we catch up at least one day a week shes heaps of fun to be with, we talk about anything,

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I live in the west I enjoy casual dates with no strings attached but always have security on my mind, a matchmaker makes me feel secure and safe!

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