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Friday 30 July 2021

iStock 000039458840SmallPERMANENT Dating:
Single, Unattached, ready to date single people with a view to long term commitment, we screen all members who truly are ready to meet someone special with a commitment.
Sick and tired of pub and club scenes< Involving friends a groups that later feel uncomfortable!

Our consultant’s / matchmakers at Rejoice Relations Dating Agency make the process of finding that special someone easier and relaxed discreetly. It’s a safe sophisticated way to meet like mind genuine people.
We work together in selecting your type of person that you like and find appealing and make it happen! We are not magicians but 99% make it happen like magic.

Your personal happiness is too important to leave as second best.
It’s something you must invest in and invite you to start today by taking action now Get started.
Increases the chance to meet the right person you have been seeking, makes you feel better about yourself, assists you in confidence and leads you in all the right directions, improving your life in general.

Dating can be easy let our Consultants Matchmakers do the work for you!
Just imagine all the fun. The safest way to meeting people! This way you enjoy the real – life dating without the internet hassle.

Due to increasing demands in our daily lives and other personal commitments, we are simply too busy to go out and find someone who potentially has the same interests.
Rejoice Relations only match you to the same like minded people that enable you to meet discreetly and relaxed regardless of you status. Save you time browsing so many profiles unverified and not knowing who they really are, We meet or verify them all for your peace of mind.



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