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Saturday 15 June 2019

Thank you for the consultation on Monday. I saw you at 3pm and that evening at 6pm you had for me three options to look at <name removed>, <name removed> and <name removed>

I spoke to <name removed> by phone and caught up with her for 60 minutes as she was in a hurry and couldn't meet longer. we resolved to try some other time when im next in Sydney.
<name removed> met her. So good Stunning
<name removed> and i spoke briefly on the phone. She was still having dinner around 7:00pm. We continued communications by text but by 11:30pm i was quite tired so opted to cancel the meet and greet.
Despite the above, I am impressed with your professionalism and the speed on the turn around.
If I understood you correctly, you said my membership (6 month Exc) would be frozen and activated upon request if and when i travel into Sydney in the future.Can you please clarify this?
Can you also resend me copies of documents i signed with the agency for my reference as i had accidently deleted from my mobile phone.
For future reference also, i would rather confine myself to the older women at 30-55 range and strictly on a casual encounter with no strings attached. I would also ask that every information supplied to you about myself be kept in strict confidence.
Kind Regards,

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